People and you

If you scrutinize happiness, put other’s happiness in consideration.

Here we are, running between crowds day and night. Seeing children, ladies, men and elders as they pass the road with us while each is seeking for something. We force ourselves to feature a smile, sometimes, just to help a situation pass or to obtain something for our service. And by other times a smile is forced to disappear.

At some point, we work for our responsibilities; self and those who add value to our name as we attempt to widen its presence around us. We stay tuned and productive because we want to feel better within each step we elect.

We cross the road, with people who can or can’t cross their happiness zone. Some who can’t feed their responsibilities, some who feel lack of production and presence, some smiling, some not. By the next day, on the same road of variety, we see other faces, other outfits, other expressions. We feel other things, want other views, want newer roads with better street signs and more birds singing on Jasmine blossoms, with modern cars and thoughts.

We have been inspired for a long term by those who can inspire things that wave feelings. And still, we count minutes to find the reason that push us to seek for inspiration. Some day we leave the bed to live, and some we just can’t sate taking off the blanket. Moods, moods that have to control our solidity sometimes. Despite the inspiration, we want more. We want unique experiences, we want curiosity.

We find clean roads with pretty doves dandling the pupils that saw prettier scenes and moments. We find wealth and satisfied children with good smells. All what we want, all what the people we crossed roads with want. Then we suddenly miss the roads, the diversity in persons. We suddenly miss old streets and broken signs, all of a sudden miss smiles, all of a sudden miss walking in a bustling area with conflict moods.

We snap back to what we miss while wearing an expensive suit, with a good smell as our children, dangling on a side of memories, hanging a modern car key, looking at a clock because we recognize what time converts, what time can change. We smile back to the sunshine of a blonde, give tan children brownies, set with imagination of elderly people flash backs, helping a world to purify its manners. We are people, and when we leave people, what are we? Those things we care for, forever, are the main things that time can’t change.

I don’t know why they didn’t tell us about time, and how people who couldn’t travel to a near country someday may travel to fruitful thinking thereafter splendid different countries. Why did we lately comprehend that people deserve love irritation? And that happiness is what they give and should be given?


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