I’ve been envying Harry Potter for his ability of talking to snakes, now I realized that I talk to snakes, too.

A snake twists around your body slowly, silently, smartly. Swindles, steals your heartbeats as it touches the veins, the feelings. Sweeps all what you have learnt off as it tickles the brain. Removes all complexities of your hair tufts and scope of thinking. Freezes your pupils, captures them only to look at its beautiful skin, and suddenly it ejects a tongue to shut yours up. You are pretty sure that there’s some kind of bad intentions in its eyes, in the indirect questioned gazes. You see desire but wait to claim the source of it, the aim, the conclusion. You wait, because it besieges your abilities. You wait not to aggrieve its best and not to deprive your benefit, your great desire. Ferrets out the secrets. Gets to discover your weaknesses before you do, then negotiates with them to a destruction. 

Humans, as they lose humanity, start sharing mutual characteristics with characters out of their zone. They seem as snakes more than ever. They fabricate you messages filled with muddled emotions but you barely see. As you read this post again, each word will remind you of the one who played the role. 

Meanwhile, somewhat people can be their own snake. Everyone has his own badness on the influence, those who say they have never been spreading poison, are those who already polluted an ocean. 



    1. Yes, let’s say that snakes of course come in certain situations and circumstances. Some snakes are snakes because they were poisoned by others violence or whatsoever. May you stay safe from snakes, have a good day!😊😊😊

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