It’s more than impossible to shape an answer to some worries fully, not everything is clear in our lives, no certain logic stage is stably or always logical. Tonight is a night as many of its kind; a song is creeping in my head conquering my invisible interest, and some influential incidents filled my days. A flood of words came across on 1:51 AM, as every spot around me is filled with darkness helping me to get a clear imagination of how far this random blog post will perform.

The world has many secrets that gets revealed to us with each stare, each confront. But when was reaching secrets a source of conform? Knowing that many things are behind your tall stand, many fearless pieces of your body are shading as you express insights. I don’t know how these moments come, when I leave desire in things and somewhere of the energy I had all day long disappears. It’s a late time; the very opposing nature of a day, a late hour knocking my ears doors as I keep staring. How do we split the words? How do we speak about others, or for others? How do we blame, criticize, hear letter sequences not to prefer, and at the end sleep? How do we trust time as it runs while we jug? How do we ,putting my self as a first name listed, wake up to forget, and read what we wrote in the exact shock we always live by.

How do I fall suddenly for something? Or want something as bad as it actually is? How do I overcome traumas? How is this world still making progression? Where am I in this world? Where am I listed? What am I to it? Am I living it right, doing it as it should be done? Will I swallow something to this world’s benefit one day? What will happen next after my fists fail to settle? Will someone that I didn’t meet yet strengthen them? What is coming? Where does what goes land in? All the letters, moments that we can’t remember? Where do they go? Where will we go? How.

Now, it’s 2:17.


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