S H A D Y  ☆  D R E A M Y

Be ready to pay the price of your dreams

Free cheese can only be found in a mousetrap

-Paulo Coelho

Things that build you an identity need time, passion and exertion. You claim plans and book tickets to either live the dream or meet another one by accident. However, the whole journey of discoveries find us by coincidence, in a dear surprise, after roads and highways of trials.

This is an open world; very interconnected that you feel lost sometimes. Where to be and where will you be. You introduce yourself to many endless openings that cost much more than physical effort, it takes your mind and concentration. Otherwise, it is just a hint or assistant to guide you to other destinations. The bigger the dream, the longer the distance.

We attract priorities as much as we think about them, as much as we give them focused consideration. We become what we draw in expectation, and expectations manage to feed us more of what we as admirers as workers as livers require. Many mindsets agreed, many experiences witnessed, yet there are many to understand, many to benefit.
Shapely words need a splendid beginning. As for that, i started this blog post with a very valuable, very precious quote from Paulo Coelho’s inspiration. This wise writer never fails to impress my reading, never.



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