Racism? or lack of syllogism.

We do lots of things without fully understanding the consequences of them controlling us, and how we may be affected. We oversee many wishes, but how sorrowful is it the fact that we do not bring the view closer, we do not see details, and how we would live with those wishes complemented. We acquire many beliefs from surroundings, as we grow we might lose them and manage priorities.

If we snap back to a century ago, fathers were all the same, but their attitudes couldn’t have mutual ethics, some were not interested in living like everyone else, some wanted to save money and women, some wanted to waste them, some wanted to free them. Days couldn’t pass quickly, change needs time. And as for their concern, they stopped copying: Yes sir. Yet started breeding a sir for themselves. A gap between minds occurred, and what made it troublesome on fathers to consent their sons is that their grandsons chased their father’s enthusiast in escaping from typicality, and they got separated because none could accept the other.

Judgments and majoring mastered our minds as we started considering them out of the science zone, out of the enclosed projects zone. We started bringing them to divide us, and push eyes to focus on a vision not to be essential, not to be even existing. It’s a vision, unreal, but sometimes people get stuck to the unreal. They value it, and make it dig deeper in the world’s soul until the world loses its soul, and only blinded vandal souls remain.

Racism comes in diverse shapes, we can’t state, not even count. New branches gather because the tree is stable and minds are generous for irritation. Generous in everything, with everyone but to itself and reality. Some publicized deceitful seeds on a wet soil, as for their generosity they took out the fine water from each other’s mouths and positioned it on the wet soil which confronted proud reluctant trees that it lost the irritation from shouting and panicking. Shouted words has no soul either. But if people missed the underlying parts of the soul, how will they differ?

Here we are, creeping between crowds, sneaking, poisoning without speaking out, arrogantly looking as ever. Here we throw mistakes and responsibilities on every shoulder but ours. Here we bring out the worse. We balme people and clear as so ignore our shameful agendas. We care for what we couldn’t choose more than what we fabricated; real embarrassment!
So we ask for a certain origin? We prefer a gender? A condition? An idea? A clothing style? Money? Children? Colors? An age?Numbers are useless, deeply useless when we seek innovation. No, we are asking for boredom. We can’t live a day without colors, admit it.


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