Outloud thought

I sit sometimes with my ambitions self, or preferably my impatient ambitious self, and think about what destiny holds, what the future has and what surprises am i going to overcome. I’ve been enthusiastically interested lately in seeking inspirational stories, and how people like me suddenly turned to someone bigger than anyone had ever thought they would be. I feel afraid sometimes, because along side with those people others faced wars and inhumane actions, some lost more than they won, some couldn’t even live. My concentration is surely attracted to the good side, the bright shape of a thinking brain. I think everyone in my age and most essentially ambitions has the same concern cycling in his mind, each on different level for sure.



  1. Well whenever i think about future there is an unknown fear. So the best practice they say is to concentrate on present while everything else is just an illusion.

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    1. I think that it’s something out of control, maybe only to my consideration. I’m a deep thinker, maybe a person who has many plans and many goals who’s insainly excited for them despite the fact that all of my daydreams or thoughts are indeed illusions.

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  2. It’s just natural to be anxious but the key to happiness holds in not focus too much on future! I relate to this post a lot, when I finished my post grad I was super super worried but with time I learned it was futile. 🐱

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