Everything shrinks by our expand

Each day is competing to become the shortest, and pass by our lives as a train in hurry, isn’t it? People are walking across the streets between crowds fast to catch a rendezvous or they just feel like doing it. Mothers give birth to their sons to cry in their graduation party the following day. Travelers are very excited for their travel to find their feet standing at their doorstep back home suddenly. You celebrate a glory to drown in others a few seconds later.

It’s crazy how everything flies while our ages fly. The amount of care we give to situations gets smaller with experience, and the lessons we learn today are only commas to our paragraphs and thrilled thoughts; day by day they approach to completions till there is no time in consideration, and a full stop appears. Our problems do not find solutions, they disappear.

By time, we start reading novels along side with professional massive books. We become prouder, with thicker voices and sharper eyes. We jump from a passionately planned goal to a strange one. We hold essential responsibilities. We realise that we were not searching for our souls, yet our souls were searching for its parts worldwide. We demand that happy coincidences, spontaneous moments, colorful thinking and splendid views were the best out of the whole spents years. Indeed, everything shrinks but our smiles and brain, they get tendency to be bigger, realer.



  1. You’re welcome! I’ll read everything – when I was young I remember a teacher encouraging me to write. Finally listening. Encouragement is the fertilizer, your seed has already sprouted 😊

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    1. Indeed, encouragement is the key! You really made my day dear! For me, I also have an encouraging teacher, and father, and it really feels much better when people from different parts of this universe encourage you too.🌹

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