How are we? They say fine

Did we lose our awareness before reaching our unified aspiration? Or we just derecognized the combined ingenuities which made that aspiration even exist? How can we construct glamorous achievements and in the meantime destroy bridges to limit peace and coherence? Why? Creative brains were innovating, and for a clear purpose eyes were opened and brightened. Then suddenly a subversive storm attacked them, and we accepted living with dust confusing our goals and blindness steeling our wisdom.

We had the same starter to join this world. We spoke the same language; loud screams and exhausting criers as if we felt how cruel the world would become when we learn other languages. Mutual names, colors, features and habits came within our birth. Despite that our fingerprints, shapes and ideas were diverse, we could produce success so widened ambitions came out that exceeded the borders of what we thought we would win.

Everyone climbed the stair with modest steps. But when we twigged the benefits of reaching the summit alone, we started climbing on each other’s sweaty shoulders while forgetting how spacious our first steps were. We fell many times during the journey, but we forgot the doctor who treated the injuries, and the foreigner who fixed the broken stair so we can continue moving forward. Then we forgot the writer who managed our hasty plans, and the artist who ornamented our imagination with positivity and beauty, even the languages that we suddenly learnt, and the mysteries that couldn’t be understood but with these languages. As well as the nights we spent exchanging cultures and experiences to digest boredom, and the peaceful rhythm that the calls of prayers made. All of them passed away alongside with our thinking brains. So we stopped accepting the difference, the great difference that took us to where we aimed to be.

Social leveling, intolerance, selfishness, terrorism and hate were welcomed to a huge space in our lives. We are still trying to go higher, and are claiming to climb not just stairs but enormous mountains. Therefore, bumps now are more complex, and humanity values are lost in our faded memories. Will we ever stop screaming?

The time in which we consider things that differ between us as distractions, is the time for progress to leave.

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