Humanity is still suffering

I saw modern countries in reports, in thrown words. I saw well dressed personalities there. I saw freedom seekers, colorful thoughts wanderlust. I saw amazingly organized priorities. I saw variousity and flexibility. I saw realists in a stage of time while seeing majorities and intolerance. While realising that the wide gardens sheltering glamorous flowers would reveal the treasuries of nectar that are actually hiding the emptiness of them, shaded by the classifications of petals, but still considered productive despite the role of nothingness they play.

Wherever you are, regardless to the position you are conquering or the group you superficially belong to, be certain that they won’t necessarily represent your perspectives and concepts. Accordingly, being in the most superior locality of open-mindedness and evolution doesn’t make you sufficiently civilized or rational. You don’t reflect anything but the convictions that has been waving with the first oxygen doses that filled your body, and the newly released ideas replacing or improving the old ones. Meanwhile, if you found yourself in a cave of limitations or shortage in progression, those circumstances would never indicate that the cave doesn’t have depths to dig or a way to an outing. Be aware that your surroundings may pick a way of two; either making you surrounded or prove your capabilites and encourage improvement to grab the attention of lenses. Choose wisely before it becomes too late to fix the consequences of disappointment.

The internal flames burning around you won’t understmate the cool importance of your own principles. Sometimes, those principles will confidentially ask for appreciation until they fight for at least capturing respect. Your words and beliefs might contrast a view some eyes want to see. Till when will humans consider normal variances as distractions and obstacles? Didn’t we realise that difference is what keeps our world balanced yet?

She accepted all colors and shapes of outfits including hers that were absorbing heat to impress the peace vibes knocking her skin cells’ decent doors. She provided her hair tufts a portion of privacy not to bother any air atom. There was suddenly a lack of sunrays and logic; some shades to besiege a woman, to injure her heartbeats and set their influence up to fabricate a waterful from her eyes instead of spreading kindness from the bottom of her satisfaction rate. Will they admit that forcing people to take off their freedom won’t uproot the total faith they adjoin to seize on? Will these violent ways of treating other beings’ feelings ever demand a period to end the time wasting book? Will you ever be what you want to be without any bossy strangers guiding unrealistic interventions into your choices?


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