Our planet seems infinite if you walk through it by feet, but seems limited if you cross it superficially by a plane ride; when the steps get bigger, enormous things get palliated.

Freedom has many aspects to be considered when defining it; outlooks, common behaviors, labels, first impressions, and your analysis for intentions are some main flexible self-anticipations.

Various mindsets are here and there fighting in an endless bottle following the aim of improving freedom while somehow it’s being contrasted; you can aggressively support your own views in any case and spread opinions without assaulting others because being free is by structuring a cage but having no cuffs to create restrictions. So when you kick the cage you would remain a follower to others instead of becoming a leader to your own self; you would actually get lost in an ocean of ideas without considering vivid directional paragraphs.

A soul ran in a play longing to figure out a talent, a blessing, reading the rules again and again to commit acting when the rules may be talentless, and that soul might find the superb talent by enforcing its own foresights. This is freedom; it doesn’t fit copies, it only accepts authentic new creativities.


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