Empty house

Rainy atmospheres were all I used to wait three days before now. There’s a peaceful outcome in such vibes to such a curious person. I loved to hear what is louder than my thoughts. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop myself from dropping words because I’m certain there are many wrong things to discuss. I prepared […]

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“I’m not that person who comes back easily so don’t recognize me as a temporality in your priorities list. I’m a friend who cares until the last breaths of friendships but loses all memories and interests when something tells me it’s not necessary anymore. I’m not a person who blows a gathering because he isn’t […]

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Destiny as it stuns

I’ve heard so many advices from you that I couldn’t recall my name anymore. I felt so opened, so insecure that I stopped talking to myself so often and all I saw around me was strange. Two or three words to cut my private party. So inside me they have been continuously celebrating. Dancing within […]

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Random day feels

Connections between people melt suddenly; when all that you expect gets different. Then all that you do to others isn’t necessarily appreciated. Let me talk about something that each of us must have felt in a certain moment; regret. But here, it’s about regretting kindness. Especially when you see people not even recognizing it. When […]

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Each has his own pupil. Each pupil judges things differently. Each thing is besieged by priorities in considerations each has. Me and my pen are so isolated to any other. What kind of bond is it? That strange income to delight me when I write with this pen my words even the negatives? What thing […]

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Toxicity in my child’s heart

I was raised in a circle of dust; while many heads came to interrupt my mum as she gave me advices in spoons of hope; where do I see my daughter? She asked herself everytime she took me to her fearful imagination, or simply to school. White and pure as ever she was, with wrinkles […]

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